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Moody at the Crossroads Comprehensive Plan Adopted

City extends its thanks to the community that made it happen.

On Tuesday, September 12, the Moody Planning Commission made it official with their adoption of the Moody at the Crossroads Comprehensive Plan. All that remains is the pending endorsement of the City Council on September 25.

The decision followed a year of resident participation, draft preparation, and community review. To get a sense of the scope of the process, take a look at our history of diary updates.

The proceedings included an objection by neighbors to the inclusion of "archery" in the park plan and accompanying narrative on page 56. At the direction of Council, the references were removed from the adopted draft.

The adopted draft also includes the correction of a typo on page 1. The correct citation should read "Alabama Code of Law § 11-52-8".

The adopted plan is now available as both a low-resolution file (17mb) ideal for on-screen review, and a high-resolution file (135mb) optimized for printing. Download here:

A sincere thank you to all the residents who completed the survey, contributed to the online map, or attended meetings. The adopted plan is stronger through your participation.

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